Midwest Energy Resources Company



The Superior Midwest Energy Terminal was commissioned in 1976 This state-of-the-art transshipment facility incorporates the economic advantages of both unit train receipt and "superlaker" Great Lakes vessel shipment. The terminal facility has sufficient capacity and design flexibility to accommodate the coal transshipment needs of electric utilities and industrial firms throughout the Great Lakes region. They are a full service energy terminal, and, as such, can provide directly for coal deliveries from the mine to the end user. On the average, thirty train sets of 123 cars each transport the coal from the coal mines to the Superior Midwest Energy Terminal. The unit trains travel the 1,000 mile route in approximately two days carrying 14,000 tons of coal each trip. Special swivel couplings on each railcar allow the individual railcars to be turned upside down and unloaded without uncoupling. Coal can be conveyed directly to vessel or to the storage pile.

Basic Terminal Capabilities:
  • 25.5 million ton present annual transshipment capacity.
  • 5 million ton present total on site storage.
  • We can presently store eight (8) separate coal types in large volumes with the capability of storing more in the future.
  • Up to three dissimilar quality coals can be blended simultaneously during the vessel loading process.
  • 5,000 TPH unit train unloading rate (rotary coupler cars).
  • 11,500 TPH maximum vessel loading rate.
  • Vessels of up to 1,000' length routinely accommodated.
  • Two 123-car unit trains can be accommodated on-site.