What are the benefits of being a certified "Count Me Green" business?

Once the business completes the forms and is successful, the business is given certification as a Count Me Green business. The certification is signed by the Mayor and the County Board Chairman. They will also receive window/door stickers stating that the business is a Certified Green Business and will receive digital promotional logos and materials for the business to use in their own promotions. In addition, certified businesses are listed on the County website with a link to their business. They are featured periodically in advertisements and news articles that recognize them as Douglas County Green Businesses and encourages residents to patronize them.

Many businesses find that there is an economic benefit to becoming a Count Me Green business. As they use more sustainable practices they see energy costs decrease and see their garbage costs decrease because they are recycling more. As part of the County Me Green involvement, AMSOIL achieved ISO 14001 Certification, educated employees on reducing, reusing, and recycling and increased the number of recycling containers in its facilities. As a result, the company reported a 23.5% reduction in waste being sent to the landfill in 2013 from the previous calendar year. “Not only has reducing, reusing, and recycling decreased the negative impacts of AMSOIL on the environment, but it also saves money. The 23.5% reduction in waste results in savings are going straight to the bottom line,” according to Scott Davis, Vice President of Operations at AMSOIL.

Examples of past promotions include a drawing for $1001 for participants of Count Me Green businesses, newspaper ads encouraging residents to use these certified businesses, bill boards, and articles in the County annual newsletter.