Why should we talk about "Green" businesses?

The residents and businesses of Douglas County and the City of Superior live, work and play in one of Wisconsin’s most beautiful and ecologically sensitive areas.

Douglas County and the City of Superior sit on the largest fresh water lake in the United States, and depending how you calculate, the largest freshwater lake in the world.

Beautiful lakes are scattered across the county and provide residents and tourists with opportunities for sport and recreation. Rivers cut through the county creating waterfalls and deep pools for world class fishing.

This land and these waters are part of who we are in Douglas County and the City of Superior. That is why we want to encourage and recognize businesses that make an extra effort to minimize their impact on the environment.

We Americans are becoming increasingly concerned about the environment. People are making energy and environmentally conscious decisions about the cars they drive, the homes they build and the products they buy.
Businesses and manufacturers play a major role in the human impact on the environment so we want to set a standard for local businesses, organizations and manufacturers that will encourage long term, sustainable changes that will reduce or eliminate stresses to our County and will help maintain its beauty for the future.