Global Harmonized Systems

(GHS 30 minute training video also available via CD copy located within the main Douglas County Courthouse break room)

Online Safety Training
Online training for all safety topics can be accessed here.
Each employee has his/her own username and password to access the system.

    Username: firstname.lastname (all lower case, no spacing)
    Password: FirstnameLastname (First and Last name Capital, no spacing)

    For example:
    Username: john.jones
    Password: JohnJones

For employees starting employment after 6/2014, your password (as described above) will be followed by 1!

If you are having difficulty logging into the system, please contact Dave Sletten at x1497.

Office Ergonomics
An online office ergonomics tutorial can be accessed here.

Employees will need to click the 'Sign Up' tab to access the system.

Reference Materials
Reference materials available here.

Safety Newsletters