Sheriff Sales



Court Case No. Sales Date Plaintiff Defendants Property Address
17-CV-85 04/03/18 Superior Choice Credit Union Richard J. Leach; Richard L. Kline; Deborah A. Leach n/k/a Deborah A. Moralez and Carol M. Kline 5503 South Miller Road, Superior
17-CV-133 04/10/18 Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority Judith A. Soderberg and OneMain Financial 3714 E 2nd Street, Superior
17-CV-111 05/01/18 JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association Robert N. Britton, Melissa Marjorie Britton and The United States of America acting by and through the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development 1018 Grand Avenue, Superior
17-CV-132 05/01/18 U.S. Bank National Association William Quam III, et al. 4111 E 2nd Street, Superior
10-CV-090 05/01/18 The Bank of New York Mellon f/k/a The Bank of New York as successor trustee for JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., as Trustee for the benefit of the Certificate holders of Popular ABS, Inc. Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates Series 2005-S Barbara J. Lavine, et al. 1107 Weeks Avenue, Superior
17-CV-313 05/08/18 National Bank of Commerce 5th Street Entertainment Corp.; Bonnie B. Plachta, a/k/a Bonnie B. Douglas and State of Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development 1302 North 5th Street, Superior
17-CV-214 05/08/18 Nationstar Mortgage LLC Robert J. Herdman a/k/a Robert J Herdman III 1911 Baxter Avenue, Superior
17-CV-202 05/15/18 PennyMac Loan Services, LLC Ronald J. Root, Laurie Parker-Root a/k/a Laurie Parker a/k/a Laurie Root and LVNV Funding LLC 615 11th Ave East, Superior
17-CV-302 05/15/18 National Bank of Commerce Poplar Golf & Recreation, Inc.; Timothy J. Steffan; Michael D. Lattery; Candace R. Simmons; Susan J. patch; and State of Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services 9548 East Golf Course Road, Poplar
16-CV-158 06/19/18 Mark Gray and Michael Gray Debra K. White f/k/a Wermter and Citi Financial, Inc. 6814 Easy County Road V, South Range