Hunting, Fishing & Trapping

Douglas County Forest Property

Desired game species can be found throughout the County Forest and ideal hunting and trapping opportunities abound.  The Forest is open to public hunting and trapping with the exception of a very few areas in and or around developed features (County Parks, Developed Recreational Area of the Wildlife Area, etc.).  Large expanses of remote public land that give any hunter or trapper ample room to roam make the Forest a premier annual hunting and trapping destination.

With 41 lakes and 150 miles of rivers and streams contained within its boundaries, the County Forest also offers a wide variety of fishery resources for all types of anglers to enjoy.  Fishing opportunities range from warmwater species such as panfish and muskellunge to coldwater species such as trout and salmon.

With more than 278,000 acres of public land supporting high populations of desirable game species combined with low hunter/trapper densities and seemingly endless fishing opportunities, the Douglas County Forest is a true sportsman’s paradise.

Douglas County Forest Sportsman's Brochure
Printed brochures are available by contacting the Forestry Department at (715) 378-2219.

Fields and Forest Lands Interactive Gamebird Hunting Tool (FFLIGHT)

The Wisconsin DNR has produced an online mapping program available to the public for hunters to find suitable habitat for ruffed grouse and woodcock on state and county lands.  

The tool will allow hunters to explore an interactive mapping environment to locate:

  • 5-20 year old aspen stands (state and county lands)
  • Lowland alder (state and county lands)
  • State properties stocked with pheasants
  • Fields on state lands managed for doves
Hunters will also be able to view aerial photos, topographic maps, parking lots, download and print maps, measure areas and distances.  Follow the link below to the Wisconsin DNR website.

FFLIGHT Mapping Tool

Private Lands Open to Public Use

Douglas County contains over 60,000 acres of privately owned lands classified as open for public use (including for hunting, fishing, and trapping) under the WDNR’s Managed Forest Law (MFL) or Forest Crop Law (FCL) landowner tax-break incentive programs.

To access the online mapping tool which displays detailed locations of all lands enrolled under the MFL and FCL programs, including those in Douglas County, please visit the WDNR website at:

WDNR Web Mapping Application.

For further information on MFL and FCL properties, including property use rules and regulations, please contact your local WDNR office.