Gypsy Moth

Spraying for Gypsy Moth
The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) plans to spray for gypsy moths in Douglas County next week and during the summer.  This spraying is a part of the DATCP participation in the US Department of Agriculture's "Slow the Spread" gypsy moth project.  Low flying planes spraying this treatment may be seen in July or August.

What Is Gypsy Moth?
Gypsy moth is a pest that can cause massive defoliation.  It has been spreading westward in the United States for many years and was first found in Wisconsin in 1971.  Currently active gypsy moth populations are found throughout the eastern half of the State of Wisconsin.  The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and DATCP monitor for gypsy moth populations throughout the state of Wisconsin each year.  The DATCP uses sprays to slow and stop the spread of gypsy moth infestation in areas with newly spotted populations of gypsy moths that are not well established.

Sprays to be Used
All treatments this year will be a mating disruptor called pheromone flakes, small grain-like treatment to confuse male moths as they search for a mate.  This treatment is not harmful to humans.

Locations Identified for Treatment
Two locations in Douglas County have been identified for treatment.  They are:
  • Brule River State Forest - Approximately six miles southwest of Lake Nebagamon
    • Treatment Type:  Mating Disruptor -- Pheromone Flakes 
    • Treatment Date:  To be announced -- late June to July 
  • South Superior - Approximately 46th Street to County Trunk Highway C, Minnesota border to County Trunk Highway A
    • Treatment Type:  Mating Disruptor -- Pheromone Flakes
    • Treatment Date:  To be announced -- late June to July

These treatments have been studied extensively and have not been found to adversely affect humans, pets, or farm animals.  Because the planes making treatments are low flying, people may wish to keep their pets indoors to avoid stress and confusion to the animals.

Additional Information
If people would like to be notified of treatments in their area, please call 1-800-642-6684, select Option 3, and leave your name, address, and phone number, or, e-mail .

For more information on the gypsy moth and its treatment in Wisconsin, visit Wisconsin Gypsy Moth or call 1-800-642-6684.

You may also contact the Douglas County Environmental Health Service at (715) 395-1304.