GIS / Mapping

Up-to-Date Land Information

Many of the County's most basic services rely on accurate and up-to-date land information. Emergency response, resource conservation, infrastructure maintenance, economic development, planning, and voting activities all involve the storage of, access to, and analysis of, various land records.

Efficient access to information such as addresses, buildings, roads, utilities, elevations, floodplains, response districts, voting wards, zoning, land use, tax parcels, and many other types and combinations of land information is critical for various functions of government and the public as well.

Geographic Information Systems
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have the unique ability to tie land information together in a common system that can be shared throughout each County department and also readily distributed to businesses and private citizens who rely on these data.

GIS is a great tool not just for mapping, but also attaching database attributes to each map feature to allow for advanced retrieval and analysis. GIS enables County staff to rapidly integrate combinations of maps and data. Most importantly, GIS allows for massive amounts of data to be quickly turned into information that can be analyzed and efficiently communicated to people (who need it fast) in the form of easy-to-visualize maps, charts, colors, symbols, and reports.

Land Records
The Land Records office provides access to land-related data of properties in the County through paper copies and digital copies via the internet. Information includes:
  • Original Government Survey data
  • Maps of Survey
  • U.S. Public Land Survey Monument Record sheets
  • Aerial photography
  • Other survey records
Duties and responsibilities are defined by the Douglas County’s Land Modernization Plan regulated by the Department of Administration’s Land Information Program.

More Information
For more information, contact the Land Records Department at (715) 395-1340.