Medical Examiner

Mission Statement
Our mission is to conduct and report on the medical investigation of all known or suspected homicides, suicides, accidental deaths, medically unattended deaths, and any death which might constitute a threat to the public health and safety.

Medical Examiner's Investigation

The following are components of the Medical Examiner's investigation:

  • Taking charge of the dead body upon mandatory and directing notification in accordance with the statutory jurisdiction
  • Controlling the removal of the body from the scene of death personally or by means of a duly-authorized representative
  • Investigating the circumstances surrounding death such as on the scene investigation, interviewing persons having knowledge of the decedent and events leading to the death, and reviewing records pertaining to the case including police records, health records, and all consultations generated by the investigation
  • Conducting all necessary examinations of the body including an autopsy (if necessary) and retention of tissues as well as biological and trace materials as deemed necessary
  • Taking possession of any object, article, or records which may be useful in establishing the cause and manner of death
  • Confirming or determining the identity of unidentified deceased persons
  • Summarizing and recording the results of the investigation and examination and preserving the record for the legitimate use of persons and agencies as determined by State regulations
  • Having the power to subpoena records or cause the subpoena of records by the local judicial court and obtain the necessary medical records concerning the death