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The Judicial Court Commissioner for Douglas County is appointed by the two Circuit Court judges. The Court Commissioner position exists to perform certain judiciary duties as mandated by statute. The core purpose of the Commissioner position is to independently, fairly, and impartially handle matters and resolve contested litigation cases which appear before the court. As a judicial officer, the Court Commissioner is strictly prohibited from providing legal advice to any person. 

The Judicial Court Commissioner serves three roles: Family Court Commissioner, Juvenile Court Commissioner, and Circuit Court Commissioner. The general circuit court matters handled by the Court Commissioner include both criminal court and civil court matters. Learn more about the Commissioner’s Roles.

The civil court matters handled by the Commissioner include the handling of domestic abuse, child abuse, and harassment restraining order hearings, and the holding of evidentiary probable cause mental commitment hearings. The Commissioner also conducts initial appearances in traffic regulation cases, supplemental examinations, and performs wedding ceremonies. In addition, the Court Commissioner also handles small claims initial returns and trials.

Additional information and forms regarding the filing of small claims actions can be obtained from the Douglas County Clerk of Courts Office, Room 309 of the Courthouse.