Information Technology

Services Provided
The Douglas County Information Services Technology Department, in conjunction with the City of Superior Information Services Technology Department, provides computerized services for the departments in the County and the City. Departments have direct access to the data with their own PCs.

The computer system provides the County with a means to carry out many tasks that at one time were done manually. Current computerized applications include accounting, payroll, Register of Deeds, tax collections, imaging, telephone systems, and others.

Computer Data & Systems

For many years computer data and systems have been shared between Douglas County and the City of Superior (such as, the City hosts the Law Enforcement system, the County hosts the tax collection system, and both entities use common imaging software and hardware, etc.).

The City of Superior offices are now a part of the County's telephone system, providing efficiencies and lowering overall costs. There is a continuing effort to eliminate duplicate effort, which will ultimately lead to a combined computer system and network.