Domestic Partnerships

Appointments required and are scheduled Monday - Friday from 8:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Call 715-395-1341 to make an appointment.


As of August 3, 2009, individuals who wish to form a domestic partnership may apply for a Declaration of Domestic Partnership certificate. The following information answers most questions, but if there are any issues not covered, please contact the Douglas County Clerk’s Office at (715) 395-1569.


iteria and Documentation

Fee / Waiting Period

The fee for a Declaration of Domestic Partnership certificate is $100. A five-day waiting period is required by law. The day of application is not included in the waiting period. This may be waived at the discretion of the county clerk. To obtain a waiver, applicants must pay an additional $25 to cover the increased processing costs.

Effective Date

Five days after the application is made (or sooner, if the waiver is granted), the county clerk issues the declaration to the partners. The declaration is executed before county clerk staff or a notary public. The partners file the declaration at the Douglas County Register of Deeds Office at 1313 Belknap Street, Room 108 in Superior.

Note: The domestic partnership is not effective until the declaration is recorded in the Register of Deeds Office.


Partners who want to terminate their Wisconsin domestic partnership must file a Notice of Termination of Domestic Partnership in the same county clerk office that issued the Declaration of Domestic Partnership, even if the partners no longer reside in that county. For information regarding the termination process, please contact the Douglas County Clerk’s Office at (715) 395-1569.