Comprehensive Land-Use Plan 2021-2035

October 6, 2021


Douglas County Forest Comprehensive Land-Use Plan 2021-2035


The Douglas County Forest, Parks, and Recreation Committee and Forestry Department are pleased to announce that the Douglas County Forest Comprehensive Land-Use Plan 2021-2035 has been completed after years of planning and development.


The Plan was approved by the Douglas County Forest, Parks, and Recreation Committee on October 4, 2021 and formally presented to and approved by the full County Board of Supervisors on October 21, 2021.   Final approval by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Division of Forestry was received on October 28, 2021.


The Plan reflects the uniqueness of the Douglas County Forest and presents how it will be managed, used and developed, how it will look, and the benefits it will provide over the course of the 2021 - 2035 planning period.  It defines the current and future recreational uses, forestry and other land management practices in addition to other aspects of the Forest’s use and development.


To view the Plan, please select from the Chapter links below:


Table of Contents

Executive Summary

CHAPTER 100: Background

CHAPTER 200: General Administration

CHAPTER 300: Management Planning

CHAPTER 400: Forest Ownership

CHAPTER 500: Land Management and Use

CHAPTER 600: Protection

CHAPTER 700: Access Management Plan

CHAPTER 800: Integrated Resource Management

CHAPTER 900: Recreation

CHAPTER 1000: Appendixes (large file size)

CHAPTER 2000: Plan Implementation

CHAPTER 3000: Annual Planning

CHAPTER 4000: Annual Accomplishments

CHAPTER 5000: Monitoring

List of Preparers


The following link will provide a single file copy of the complete Plan.  Due to file size and connection speed, extended download time may be experienced.


COMPLETE PLAN (large file size)


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