Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Strategies during COVID-19

As our community continues to follow coronavirus prevention strategies, now is the time to develop or review a household plan. Determine how you will respond to a disruption of daily activities; make sure you have a two week supply of medications and other essential items, establish plans for communication with family members, for childcare needs and how to perform work from home if needed. But most of all, stay informed. This situation has continued to evolve rapidly. Know where to find reliable COVID-19 information and check for updates regularly.

For certain populatimental-health-2313428_1920ons, COVID-19 can cause additional challenges. People who struggle with anxiety or have experienced stress regarding COVID-19, can find resources on the CDC website ‘Mental Health and Coping During COVID-19’ for tips on coping with this situation. Other high risk groups such as older adults and those with serious chronic medical conditions may need to take additional precautions. Visit CDC website ‘If You are At Higher Risk COVID-19’. Children are another population that may experience worry and stress related to this illness. It is important to talk to your children and help them make sense of what they are hearing and feeling. Please visit here for tips on how to approach this subject with youth.

Please see the links below to further help protect yourself and your community from the spread of COVID-19.