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The census is much more than just a head count. It provides a picture of our nation that helps determine where to build new schools, hospitals, and businesses; how federal funding is distributed; and how congressional seats are apportioned. It also helps us see how our communities have changed over time. That’s why an accurate count is so important.

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A complete count of every person living in the United States has tremendous benefits for you and your community.

Census data:

  • Accurately determine how many representatives each state has in Congress and inform the redrawing of congressional district boundaries.
  • Are used as the basis for distributing more than $675 billion in federal funds annually to states, counties, and communities to support resources such as schools, hospitals, and fire departments.
  • Inform business decisions, policy, community initiatives, and consumer advocacy.
  • Learn how census data is used for federal fund distribution

Your responses to the 2020 Census are safe

Your responses to the 2020 Census are protected by law. Under Title 13 of the U.S. Code, the U.S. Census Bureau cannot release any information that identifies you individually. Every Census Bureau employee and contractor is sworn for life to always protect your information. Violating that oath carries stiff penalties for all Census Bureau workers - a fine up to $250,000 and/or up to five years in prison. The Census Bureau uses your information for statistical purposes only.


The Census Bureau has a team of cybersecurity experts who monitor and protect all agency technology around the clock. Our cybersecurity meets the highest standards for protecting your information.

No matter how you respond, your information remains protected

The Census Bureau designed the information collection process with layers of security to keep your information safe and secure.
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