Sheriff Sales



Court Case No. Sales Date Plaintiff Defendants Property Address
18-CV-31 06/12/18 Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc. Jean Houle and unknown spouse of Jean Houle and United States of America 3418-3420 North 21st Street, Superior
17-CV-217 06/12/18 Lovering-Johnson, Inc. Kylaya Investments, LLC; and Northern Properties Group, LLC 4634S Wuori Road, Maple a/k/a 11610 E Harmony Lane, Maple
16-CV-359 06/12/18 Wells Fargo Bank, NA Estate of Twyla S. Menart 2314 E 7th Street, Superior
16-CV-158 06/19/18 Mark Gray and Michael Gray Debra K. White f/k/a Wermter and Citi Financial, Inc. 6814 Easy County Road V, South Range
17-CV-355 06/19/18 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Justin R. Maccoux, Jane Doe Maccoux a/k/a Lyndsay Maccoux and Lakewalk Surgery Center 5815-15 1/2 Ogden Avenue, Superior
18-CV-11 06/19/18 United States Department of Agriculture Acting Through Rural Housing Service (RHS) Successor in Interest to the Farmers Home Administration Heather L. Ramsdell 5002 S Rockmont Road, Poplar
18-CV-78 07/17/18 Proctor Federal Credit Union Aaron G. Johnson and Elizabeth R. Johnson (n/k/a Burley) 1180 S State Hwy 13, Brule
17-CV-351 07/24/18 Mark Gray and Michael Gray Michael J. Sanders; Wendy M. Sanders and SMDC Health Systems 2802 East 4th Street, Superior
17-CV-95 08/07/18 MTGLQ Investors, LP Debra Asbury f/k/a Debra J. Asbury a/k/a Debra Jean Asbury, John Doe Asbury, Midland Funding LLC and Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC 5420 E Torgerson Rd, Oakland
17-CV-293 08/07/18 C.U. Mortgage Services, Inc. Jason P. Valentine, Kellie K. Hansen a/k/a Kellie K. Jacobson, John Doe Hansen a/k/a Richard Jacobson, SMDC Health System, Douglas County Clerk of Circuit Court and State of Wisconsin, Department of Children and Families 1902 E 3rd Street, Superior
17-CV-228 09/18/18 National Bank of Commerce Allen M. Raffetto and Nancy S. Raffetto 7106 S Steele Lake Lane, Lake Nebagamon