Special Camping Permit

General Information
Permits are available at the Douglas County Forestry Department Office located on Business Highway 53 in Solon Springs, approximately 30 miles south of Superior. Contact the Forestry Department by phone at (715) 378-2219 or by  e-mail to receive additional information. Permits may also be purchased by mailing the "Required Permit Information" (see below) with a check or money order to:
Douglas County Forestry Department
9182 East Hughes Avenue
P.O. Box 211
Solon Springs, WI 54873

Special Camping Permits are designed to allow people to experience primitive, wilderness camping on Douglas County Forest Land and some Special Use Land.  Special Camping Permits are not allowed, however on or around Developed Recreation areas.  

Special Camping Permits are valid for 10 consecutive days and currently cost $25.00.  We allow you to purchase only three consecutive Special Camping Permits, for a total of 30 days in one location.  To continue camping, a new Special Camping Permit for an area at least one-half mile away, from the original site, must be obtained. 

There is only one camping unit allowed per Special Camping Permit. 

Each permit guarantees only a 200-foot radius around the campsite, therefore several Special Camping Permits may be issued in any given area. 

A campsite may not block any roads or trails. 

The Special Camping Permit must be visibly displayed at the campsite, either in a camper window, attached to a tent, or on a vehicle. 

For any additional information, please refer to the Special Camping Regulations brochure.

Required Permit Information
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number       
  • Vehicle Make
  • Year
  • License Number
  • State Registered
  • Type of camp unit
  • Number of camp units       
  • Location (down to the quarter section)
  • Number in party
  • Contact person not camping
  • Contact person telephone number
  • Dates camping